3 Supplements to Improve Your Health If You’re Over 30

3 Supplements to Improve Your Health If You're Over 30

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When it comes to supplements, we are simply spoilt for choice. From the thousands of Multi-Vitamins on offer to Protein-Shakes-galore… And knowing the importance of “Macros & Micros” is something that you’ll hear me go into aplenty in my CXP Nutrition posts. But today, I want to touch on a few different supplements that can dramatically improve some of your body’s most fundamental functions!

Now, before I continue, I will quickly point out that I am affiliated with the brand whose products we’ll be discussing. Should you click through via the links I’ll provide [later] in this post, I will receive some small commissions on any products you might purchase. With that said, these are products that I have heavily scrutinized, and toiled over the research and claims made before feeling confident in publishing this article.

Let’s start with “the mind”. Our *brain*. The health of which should be paramount, but really, is often overlooked. We know that Glucose is the preferred source of energy for the brain; we also know that Ketones (produced by the body in a state of Ketosis [when on the “Keto Diet”]) are adequate fuel for the brain too. But there are other nutrients that we can supplement with to promote optimal brain function.

It is common for people to experience a decline in brain function with age, which may be related to nutrition.  Recent research has shown that several compounds may help slow and possibly stop or reverse the age-related decline in mental function. Supplementation with these compounds may balance a decline in the body’s production or absorption of these substances.


dotFIT™ Advanced Brain Health™ provides the appropriate amounts of compounds that are essential for normal brain function. The two most notable compounds that are  included being: Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALC) and Alpha Lipoic Acid.

The former is the acelated form of the Amino Acid – L-Carnitine – which ‘contributes to the production of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is required for mental function.’ [1.] The latter is a potent Antioxidant, which helps in the utilization of Glucose for energy (important for the brain, in this instance).

Now, memory decline can start as early as age 30 and is significantly worse by middle age. This formula is a potential natural preventative aid to age-related cognitive decline. Those who are concerned with maximizing the brain’s productive live span should consider this product.

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Next up, we want to consider our “Gut Biome”… a term you may have stumbled across a few times across the Inter-web and many Health & Fitness blogs/articles over the past few years.

All this refers to is the biochemical environment within our intestines that is colonized by billions and billions of bacteria.

Usually people think of the word bacteria and a bad image comes to mind; commercials for Surface Cleaners leap into our visual cortex, and we envision these nasty little green booger-like crawlies reaping havoc everywhere.

However, like with many things in life, there are the good ones that help balance out the bad. The food industry has tried to capitalize on this by promoting their products (usually dairy-based) that are teeming with “good bacteria”… or ‘probiotics’, if you will.

Take, for example: yoghurts. Now, you may may ask if it’s better to simply consume a live culture yoghurt, or take a probiotic pill. Both ways are simply different delivery systems for the live cultures. Yoghurt (or live culture beverages) are common in many countries. Yoghurt is a convenient way to get live cultures, but it does bring other nutrients and calories with it. A supplemental pill form may provide the same cultures, but without the calories. In addition, the capsule provides a greater degree of longevity to the live cultures when compared to yoghurt.

Ultra Probiotic

dotFIT™ Ultra Probiotic™ provides probiotic strains that are stabilized using a patented poly-matrix system (patent # 6,653,062) that provides 35 billion micro-organisms through expiration date when stored at room temperature. No refrigeration required, which is one of the caveats of most [dairy-based] live cultures.

What also sets dotFIT™’s Ultra Probiotic apart from the rest is the specially selected strains; each Bio-Enhanced, Acid Resistant Strain (BEARS) has been specifically designed to survive stomach acid secretions during digestion eliminating the need for enteric coating.

UltraProbiotic™ contains a minimum of 35 billion viable cells per serving. This eight-strain blend supports and nurtures good intestinal flora for a healthy digestive system.

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And finally, let’s consider our [literal] “framework”. The multiple parts of our body that collectively go through some of the most ‘wear-and-tear’ over our lifetime: our *joints*!!

Now, I have seen cases of arthritis in clients far younger than 30, but fact is, ‘The Big 3-0’ is notoriously a landmark not simply of age (and thus, social “right of path”), but it can also be the point at which we start to feel aches and pains in our joints that simply were never there in the decades prior!

One of the most common ingredients you’ll find on the market is Glucosamine. Now, this is a natural compound that can be found in the body (in the fluid around the joints), but my one little “nit-pick” about this is that [as a supplement] it is typically sourced from shellfish. And if you have allergies, this is clearly a problem.

Joint Flex

dotFIT™ Joint Flex Plus™ is – in my humble opinion – the best in the industry. Because they’ve designed it from the ground up… Using Collagen, Chondroitin and Hyaluronic Acid – three of the main compounds that comprise the “materials” that make up our joints – you get a ‘three pronged approach’ that actually works!

In case you’re wondering where those compounds are sourced from, well… it’s chicken sternum cartilage. So, allergy-wise there is nothing to worry about. And considering how widely chicken is consumed – even bone broth – kinda “normalizes” this group of ‘ingredients’ in my eyes.

Thing is, in our bodies the cartilage is slowly lost in joints with injury and age. Because cartilage acts as a cushion between bone joints, its loss causes friction, pain and stiffness.  The ingredients in Joint Flexibility Plus™ have been shown to support cartilage and joint and skin health.

Additionally, the specific ingredients in this formula have been shown to delay the structural degeneration of joint tissue.

A major study demonstrated that people with moderate to severe osteoarthritis found significant pain relief by supplementing with Glucosamine and Chondroitin. Recent studies have shown that a new combination of ingredients perform significantly better than Glucosamine and Chondroitin. The new and improved dotFIT™ Joint Flexibility Plus supplies these compounds in the forms and amounts used in this new published research to support healthy joint tissue and function.

What I love most about this particular product is that it is NSF Certified. Okay, I know… Chris, that’s great! But what does that even mean? Right? Well, where drugs and sports supplements undergo relatively extensive testing in order to get approval from the FDA, the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) takes it several leaps and bounds beyond!

NSF Certified Logo (Transparent)

See, the FDA is kinda like those dodgy gyms that dole out free pizza every second and fourth Thursday of the month, and free bagels on Tuesdays; that is to say… getting ‘FDA Approved’ isn’t exactly hard, and there is a lot of “not exactly up to par” stuff that flies under their radar. Granted, some rudimentary tests are conducted to check for various toxins, levels of heavy metals, etc. But it tends to be the bare minimum.

The NSF though… they have some of the absolute highest testing standards on the planet! Getting ‘NSF Certified’ means that a product has gone through a long barrage of lab tests to an extent that exceeds Industry standards many-fold!

So, these products seriously check off a lot of important criteria in my books! They each achieve the following:

  • Supply adequate and effective doses per serving [that have shown to *work*].
  • Are reasonably priced [especially considering the quality of ingredients].
  • Have undergone thorough testing that surpasses Industry standards to ensure they’re safe to consume!

You could even say that it is something of a proverbial Triple Crown: Effectiveness, Quality and Safety – Win/Win/Win!

If you’re interested in purchasing any of these products, then click on any of the Product Images (or the highlighted Product Names). You’ll land on a page that asks you to set up a FREE account with dotFIT™, which I thoroughly recommend as you’ll have access to a bunch of amazing resources (like a Food Tracker – that syncs with Apps like FitBit – and even an Exercise Library). Best of all, you can buy these products *directly* via the dotFIT™ platform (which will earn you a 10% Discount)!

You’ll notice that I am the “pre-selected/default” Trainer, and the Club I work at (Edge Family Fitness – Wilsonville, OR) is the default Club. You do not need to be a Member of Edge to set up the account. In fact, you don’t even need to live in Oregon or the same Region, so you can leave those fields the same, and fill out the rest no problem.

I hope you gain a lot from setting up a profile and using the free tools! And better yet, I hope you enjoy these products and notice amazing improvements to your health!

That’s all for today’s post, but I’ll catch you in the next one!

Yours in Training,

Chris Atkinson | Master Personal Trainer, SDO


  1. https://www.uofmhealth.org/health-library/hn-2795007

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