Welcome to CXP Fitness! This blog and its extended resources (podcasts, eBooks, affiliate partners) were developed to help educate you, inform you and inspire change in order to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Chances are, you might not be completely confident with your Fitness routine, right?
Or perhaps your ‘diet’ is a bit out of whack, and you’re unsure about your Nutrition in general?
Have you spent a ton of cash on Supplements only to find that they didn’t help you achieve a thing?
Do you find it takes several days to recover after “hitting the gym”? (Feels more like the “gym hit you”, right?)

I’ve been where a lot of you are right now:

Unsure of what to do in the weights-room…
Overweight and faced with the daunting journey of having to drop a LOT of body-fat to become healthy [again]…
Having to deal with Type II Diabetes (which I was able to reverse!)…
Wondering what supplements to use and which to avoid…
Confused by what foods are actually healthy and which are just hype…
Perplexed by a lack of energy and inability to sleep well… the list goes on!

Having gone on my own personal journey to find these answers, overcome those obstacles, and become one of the top experts in the Industry, I want to help you navigate these winding paths and enable you to overhaul your habits and transform your life too.

So, keep on reading to learn a little more about me and how I can help, then feel free to browse through my articles, listen to the podcasts, and check out the amazing Partners that CXP works with!

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My name is Chris Atkinson, and I am a Master Personal Trainer specializing in High Intensity Interval Training and Functional Military-Style Fitness. I’ve trained with Royal Marines, World Champions, and and Grand Masters, and have earned some of the highest qualifications in the Fitness Industry.

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My eclectic background in sports and Martial Arts (including Rugby, Track & Field, Basketball, Bouldering, Taekwondo and Hapkido) gives me broad experience in a gamut of various training methods.

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Recently I’ve teamed up with some epic brands in the Health & Fitness Industry (including Tony Robbins, Hylete, TRX, and Bodybuilding.com) to bring my Readers, Listeners, and Followers some awesome deals, so be sure to check out Tony’s and TRX’s links [in the side bar], and others on my Recommendations Page!

“CXP = 110% (C = 100, X = 10, P = %)”

The origins of CXP were borne from the principle of always giving more than you think you’re capable of! We have it in us, we just need to dig deep! The U.S. Navy Seals have the “40% Rule” whereby they say that when you *think* you’ve given it everything you’ve got, you’ve actually only reached about forty percent of your true capacity; once you learn to tap into those reserves, you’ll reach levels in your health & fitness that you never even dreamed of! The SAS sum it up perfectly in their motto: Who Dares Wins

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CXP Fitness will give you the tools you need to get stronger, faster, leaner and healthier – you just have to commit to the process (and commit to yourself), and give it 110%!

You’ll find this blog to be an invaluable fountain of useful information regarding Health & Wellness, covering four core areas: Fitness, Nutrition, Edge (Supplements), and Zen (Rest & Recovery).

Friends, family and especially clients over the years have asked me tons of questions on these particular topics, so I finally decided to put together a resource (this blog, as well as eBooks, podcasts, and a YouTube Channel to follow) that will [together] serve to help anyone looking for the same answers and solutions to improve their lifestyle.

My Mission Statement is as follows:

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So, go forth and read on – learn what I have to teach, apply it to each and every day, and watch as you start to redefine yourself and make positive, sustainable change in your life.

‘Sometimes dreams serve as the reality check we need to reconfirm what we want in life!’

Below you’ll see who I’ve worked with, represented and been in demand from over the course of the past 10+ years.

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