3 Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

Today we’re talking about eating habits/schedules. Consider the age-old adage of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, and when we’re ‘supposed’ to eat. Well, now you’ll want to open your mind to the idea of adjusting all of that and amending your “feeding times” in a bid for a healthier body! Read on for more…

4 Common Deficiencies and How to Increase Your Intake

Iodine Possibly one of the most overlooked micronutrients out there, Iodine is absolutely crucial when it comes to maintaining a healthy and normal functioning thyroid (this is where over half of the iodine found in the human body can be found). Why is thyroid function so important? Well, for several reasons… but the biggest factor…… Continue reading 4 Common Deficiencies and How to Increase Your Intake

Eating While Travelling: Making Smart Food Choices Abroad

As you’ll [hopefully] have read in my last post – Training While Travelling: Keeping Fit On My Honeymoon – I had the privilege of being able to spend part of my Christmas holidays soaking up rays and getting my sweat on in the Caribbean. While I was determined to get in a workout at least every other…… Continue reading Eating While Travelling: Making Smart Food Choices Abroad

Omega-7: The Healthy Fat You’ve Never Heard Of

Recently, we’ve been digging up some of the more obscure gems of health and nutrition, so I’m not bucking that trend today. Omega-7 – chances are, you already have it in your diet; but what are the best sources? How much should you aim to get in a day? And – most importantly – what are the benefits to your health? Tuck into today’s post for more…

The Misconception of Calories

Today touches upon the taboo of calories! The food industry masks them with “zeros”, and the vast majority of us are so über-concerned about them that restricting them becomes an obsession… Well, I’m here to clear up some of the confusion. In the Sales Industry they have a thing called “KYE” (‘Know Your Enemy’); as the age old adage goes – ‘Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer’. If calories are the enemy, then let’s get to know them inside and out, then that way we might be able to use them to our advantage! But seriously – war-strategy-puns aside – I want to help you better understand calories in a way that we start to appreciate them rather than fear them. Read on for more…

Playing Devil’s Advocate with Carbs

Today we’re talking about the “necessity” of carbs. Should you load up on the daily? Should you cut them entirely? Are they really so crucial? I’m going to give you the most candid insight that you’re ever going to read from someone in the Health & Fitness Industry; no fluff, no B.S., no bias… just straight up facts! There are too many “experts” out there bashing entire macro groups and blindly telling everyone that they should stop consuming certain things all together. This is naïve, misguiding, and irresponsible. They shouldn’t demonize food groups or whole macronutrients, and that’s why I want to better inform the world so we can make wiser decisions and actually enjoy what we eat. So, go right ahead and read on for some “carb enlightenment”.