One of the most important aspects of Health & Wellness is – as you’ll know from my teachings through CXP Edge: Supplementation.

I’ve recently joined up with dotFIT – the Sports Supplement brand that you may never have heard of!

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Now, you may well have seen them as the sponsors of a [wide] variety of different sports events; or if you have ever been a member of a Gold’s Gym, Crunch Fitness or other partner-gyms of theirs, then you’ll likely have seen their products stocked there. However, you won’t see them available in stores or on any of the major supplement sites (like GNC or, for example). The reason being – they take a direct-to-consumer approach.

I like this for a number of reasons (in terms of optimal business practice), but what I LOVE about them is that they are NSF Certified. So, what does *that* mean?

Well, there are all sorts of governing bodies that oversee the food, beverage and sport supplement industries. Yet a disturbingly high percentage of the companies in those industries pump out products that are either under-dosed (supplements), under-reporting on nutrition (food & bevvies) or adding in compounds and chemicals that you really don’t want in your body!

See, the FDA (Food & Drugs Administration) – which I’m sure you’ve all heard of – simply doesn’t screen enough of the products that are out there, and even those that do get screened often end up being able to fly certain things under the FDA’s radar.

NSF Certified Logo (Transparent)The NSF (Nationalย Sanitation Foundation), on the other hand, is a 3rd party group that has the most stringent, diligent and thorough measures to ensure that sports supplement companies [especially] are not including any WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) banned substances, and that they get regular toxicology assessments, among other things.

What further adds to the fact that dotFIT is one of the most legit products you’ll ever find: its Founder & CEO – Neal Spruce! Now, Neal has an insanely long list of accolades in the health & fitness industry; but the most relevant one to ME [personally] is that he’s also the Founder (and former CEO) of NASM (National Association of Sports Medicine), which has been the Gold Standard as far as producing high-calibre Personal Trainers [in the USA] for several years now.

So, I am proud to say that I have joined up with dotFIT to offer you access to their line of science-backed, results-driven supplements that will help you with your health & fitness goals!

Check out the link here: My dotFIT

The cool thing is that they’re so much more than “just a supplement company”. If you set up a [free] account through this link, you can even gain access to some awesome resources like: Food Tracker (that syncs with MyFitnessPal), menus and recipes, and so much more!

Sponsored Shaq

Even some of my favourite athletes like Shaquille O’Neal have been partnered with dotFIT…

So, I hope you find them to be an amazing aid – whether you buy their supplements or just use their platform to track your health & fitness goals!

Guys and gals, as always – it’s a privilege to provide you with the best tools and information available, and I’m honoured that you come to my humble blog to seek advice and guidance!

Remember: Stay Fit, and Stay Healthy!

Yours in Training,

Chris Atkinson | Master Personal Trainer, SDO