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If you’ve read any of my CXP Edge articles, you’ll know that I am heavily critical of the Supplement Industry and the untold number of infractions and infringements that largely fly under the radar.

Issues such as Protein Spiking, Proprietary Blends, Under-dosing, and the use of low-quality ingredients… they have been prolific [around the world] for decades! But fortunately, there are one or two Companies out there that are trying to change all that. One of them is: dotFIT

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I was skeptical when I first heard of them! After all, they’re not in ANY of the major retail stores (like GNC or Holland & Barrett), you’ll certainly never find them at Costco, and the only place online where you’ll find their products sold [*officially*] is through their own website…

There’s a good reason for this. They’re a Direct-to-Consumer product that is sold solely by Practitioners (including Dieticians, Physicians, Nutritionists, Licensed Gyms and Certified Trainers). Basically, you get the product from a source that actually knows about the thing that you’re buying.

The problem with Supplement Stores and Wholesale Retailers (like those mentioned above) is that the employees at these stores often barely even have a “scratching-the-surface” level of knowledge about the ingredients in the products they’re being paid to sell.

So, what sets dotFIT apart? Well, there’s the fact that the majority of their product line is NSF-Certified [for Sport] for one.

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Thing is, virtually all Supplement Companies have “FDA-Approval”. But that doesn’t really count for much – the FDA will pretty much slap a stamp on anything as long as it has passed a few [barely] rudimentary lab tests. As for claims made – you’ll notice that a plethora of Supplements will have fine-print saying that their claims haven’t been FDA-approved (even though the product has been).

NSF Products

The NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) is a third-party group that has some of the most stringent bio-chemical testing in the world! They test for heavy metals, toxicity, purity, safety [of ingestion], and scores of other factors to ensure that it meets the highest standards possible!

What you might not know is that several of the world’s biggest Sporting Leagues / Associations won’t let their Athlete’s take supplements that don’t have NSF-Certification! This is because the NSF are one of the only third-party screening labs that meet the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) strict requirements.

In my mind, if a Supplement has been through that gauntlet of tests, come out the other end checking every single one of the boxes (and then some), and is good enough for Elite/Pro Athletes… Why wouldn’t I want to be taking the same thing!?

Here’s Shaquille O’Neal endorsing dotFIT a few years back:

Sponsored Shaq

As always, he’s “Shaq’tin a Fool”, but even with the big man’s cheeky humour and hilarity, he knows what works!

Even the guys getting ready for the NFL Combine fuel up with dotFIT:

So, if you’re ready to ditch the cheap fluff you’ve got sitting around that you casually tossed in the cart at Costco. If you’re ready to start taking a [line of] Supplement(s) that can actually deliver what it promises… Click the dotFIT logo below:

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This link will take you to the dotFIT website where you can setup a profile and gain access to a bunch of awesome resources including:

Food Tracker

Nutrition Menus

Supplement Guide

and MORE!

Once you’re profile is complete, you can access the Supplement Store* where you’ll automatically have a nifty discount applied to anything you buy!

*While you can access the Store without setting up a Profile, you won’t be able to benefit from the Discount and Resources without getting one setup.

The last note I want to make here: when setting up your Profile – where you create your Username/Password/etc…

You will notice that it asks if you’re a Member of a Club affiliated with dotFIT – the default options are: Edge Family Fitness and *Me* (Chris Atkinson – as your Trainer).

You should leave those the same as I am a Certified Practitioner and you do not need to physically be a member of the gym that I work at to benefit from setting up your profile online.

(NB: Creating a dotFIT Profile will *not* make you a Member of Edge Family Fitness!)

I hope you put your trust in dotFIT – as I have! I have scrutinized every possible aspect of their business, and the CEO – Neal Spruce – as well as VP [of Education] – Rob Rettmann – have both been very open, transparent and informative. I have 100% trust in them as individuals, and dotFIT as a Company. I know that you’ll start seeing great results using their awesome range of dotFIT Supplements!