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If you’re loving reading the articles here on the CXP Fitness blog, then you’re going to get even more out of the selection of eBooks that I’m working on for you!

I am whipping up a bunch of awesome FREE eBooks, which you can go ahead and download and read to your heart’s content! You’ll learn great insights into meal prep, “cheat days” (or ‘treat days’ as I like to call them), the truth about “super foods”, and more. They’re free, invaluable resources that I’m making especially for you – whether you’re an avid reader of the blog, or have just chanced upon this site for the first time.

The beauty of *FREE* is that you’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain! I’m not interested in ‘ethical bribes’ – i.e. Offering you a “free guide” [in exchange for your email address]… The way I see it, if you’re loving this blog, you’ll follow and like (either here or on social media) anyway; so ‘FREE’ means free. My priority is providing you with the best information and guidance to help make positive changes to your health & wellness.

Here’s the first (more to follow in the coming months)…


Keep Fit Abroad _ Mini Workout Guide

 If you’ve read my post – Training While Travelling: Working Out on My Honeymoon – then you’ll have seen the three brutally effective workouts that I got in when I travelled to the Dominican Republic recently. If you’re planning a vacation and want to get in a few cheeky workouts while away, then download this guide to get a complete layout of what I did to Keep Fit Abroad. You’ll find awesome tips and advice beyond the workouts themselves, so go ahead and check this out!

Click Here: Keep Fit Abroad – Mini Workout Guide