Eating While Travelling: Making Smart Food Choices Abroad

As you’ll [hopefully] have read in my last post – Training While Travelling: Keeping Fit On My Honeymoon – I had the privilege of being able to spend part of my Christmas holidays soaking up rays and getting my sweat on in the Caribbean. While I was determined to get in a workout at least every other… Continue reading Eating While Travelling: Making Smart Food Choices Abroad

Training While Travelling: Keeping Fit On My Honeymoon

Over the Christmas period I was fortunate enough to spend a week unwinding in the Caribbean on my Honeymoon; my family has roots in this part of the world (Cuba and Jamaica in particular), but I got to relax in the lush and beautiful paradise of the Dominican Republic. This year has been insane what… Continue reading Training While Travelling: Keeping Fit On My Honeymoon

The Chutzpah of Being An Industry Recalcitrant

Today – as we witness the conclusion of yet another year, and the dawn of the next – I thought I would get more personal with you. We won’t be examining nutrition, dismantling myths on supplements or philosophizing the best methods of reaching a zen-like state. Instead, you’ll get a brief glimpse into my past in the first of a series of posts that I’ll share with you in the future (probably on a bi-monthly basis) so that you can get to know me and understand who I am, what I stand for, and why I do what I do.

Protein Spiking – What It Is, and Why You Should Be Concerned

We’re digging deeper into the belly of the beast. More dark secrets reveal themselves as we uncover another one of the deplorable ways that supplement companies trick you into thinking that you’re getting more than what they’re actually delivering. I’ll also be lighting the path down the slippery slopes of marketing used not only by supplement brands, but also by the big food & beverage companies too. Helping you navigate the mythical maze of madness that these huge corporations have built… Let’s roll up our sleeves and get stuck in!

Finding Your Ikigai – Where Passion Meets Purpose

Today I’m sharing a little about my personal journey, as well as a story of stranger whose life I changed several years ago. Today, we discuss: ikigai. We’ll be getting a little bit philosophical, but in a way that I believe should help you awaken something inside that may have been laying dormant without you realizing it. Let’s talk ‘passion’. Let’s figure out our purpose. Will you take the blue pill, or the red pill?

Omega-7: The Healthy Fat You’ve Never Heard Of

Recently, we’ve been digging up some of the more obscure gems of health and nutrition, so I’m not bucking that trend today. Omega-7 – chances are, you already have it in your diet; but what are the best sources? How much should you aim to get in a day? And – most importantly – what are the benefits to your health? Tuck into today’s post for more…

Do You Have the Power? Stepping Up to Athlete Status

Power! Some might say it’s only attainable if you class as “elite”. Fact is, there’s no reason you can’t perform like the elite. There are levels to progress through before you can attain such a high level of performance, but if you’re up to the challenge, then step up and reach beyond what you think is possible. Let’s take a look at what you have to do to start implementing power into your routine…