My Top Picks for You

I’ve compiled a list of Health & Fitness related products for you that I absolutely love and truly believe in. They’re all superior quality, so no cheap fluff – I don’t waste your time with my posts, so I would never waste your money with B.S.!! They are products that I myself have tried, tested, and use regularly, and I swear by them.


For absolute transparency: I am an Affiliate of Hylete and (who I receive Store Credit from for referring you guys), and also Tony Robbins & TRX (who I do receive a commission from). I’ve been purchasing their products for several years, and still do to this day. The other brands I just enjoy promoting, but receive zero compensation from.



Hylete Green

When it comes to workout gear, you want to be kitted out with the best! Hylete offer exactly that – durability for those tough workouts, immense value for money, and best of all, their collections are all eye-catchingly stylish. Built for the modern athlete, yet priced for everyday use. You’ll see me wearing their products in 90% of my Instagram pics/videos! I’ve followed Hylete since their inception, and they keep innovating and offering amazing new products that truly break the mould! For $30 Off Your First Purchase, click the logo [above]!


TRX® Logo

TRX is a total game changer! I bought my ‘Force Training Edition’ TRX back in 2010 and it has been everywhere with me. Most “at-home workout equipment” gets left in the garage after a couple of weeks – never to see the light of day again! My TRX has travelled the world with me, and is still in great condition despite having endured an insane number of workouts! Click the logo above to get your Bundle now!


Columbia Logo (Long)

For those times when you just have to break free and mix it up with a bit of mountain hiking, trail blazing, kayaking and other outdoor adventure, Columbia has precisely the type of practical clothing you’ll want to sport. Their waterproof tech, UV protection, thermal-wear and other garb will protect you from the elements all year round! I have 6-7 of their jackets because both British and Oregonian weather can be just utterly unpredictable, so having the variety means I’m ready for anything.


Bull & Cleaver Logo

Fact: You should always have a healthy snack to consume on-the-go. Biltong is one of my faves, and the crew at Bull & Cleaver whip up a mean batch every time! Give ’em a try – I’m willing to bet you’ll love it as much as I do… unless, of course, you’re vegan… orrrr just can’t stand cured meat!


MDA Logo

The paleo lifestyle is unquestionably one of the healthiest you can lead – it’s all about eating REAL food! Mark Sisson has a fantastic array of books, courses and paleo produce to get you eating right! His blog was really helpful to me several years ago when I was overcoming diabetes, and he has since built up a team around him that does an amazing job of reading up on the latest research and putting together compelling content.


BB Logo (Blue & White)

I have used for several years now, and their range of supplement brands is immense! It’s all of your supplement needs under one roof – I regularly buy from Jim Stoppani and Kris Gethin’s product-ranges, and believe that their supplements [among others sold on] are the best you’ll find anywhere! If you want $10 Off Your First Purchase, click the logo [above]!


RX-Bar Logo

There are tons of “healthy” snack bars out there that just don’t cut the mustard! RX Bars tore up the rule book and stuck to the basics, and that’s why you’ll only find five (that’s right: 5) ingredients that are all natural, all super-satiating, and insanely tasty! You may have noticed from my Instagram that I have a weakness for the both the Maple Sea Salt and Chocolate Sea Salt ones… but don’t tell anyone!


LVL Promo Image

Wearable tech is the future, and the one device that I have been eagerly awaiting the launch of is the LVL Hydration Monitor! It’s is like a Fitbit on steroids – not only will it track heart rate/activity/sleep, but even your body’s hydration level as well! Using green-light laser tech, its sensor can “see” far deeper than the average wearable’s red-light laser, and it’s accuracy is medical grade. Now you will be able to see exactly how much water you really need to stay truly hydrated.



Tony Robbins is world famous – you see him and he needs no introduction! The way he has helped thousands of people to find their passion in life, to reach levels of success that they never even dreamed of… It’s nothing short of inspiring and incredible! I have learned a lot from his teachings – from ‘Unleash the Power Within’ to ‘Unlimited Power’ – what I have gleaned from his wisdom has been one of the driving forces that has propelled me around the world with such quixotic ambition, and I’ve never looked back. If you want to potentially change your life forever, you should check out his Programs, Events and Books! Click here and/or the logo above!