Why You’ll Probably Never Have the Physique of Wolverine or Wonder Woman

I’ve been waiting for quite a while to write this one! Today, we’re getting real when it comes to Hollywood “bods” and how they’re really acquired. It’s time for some myth-busting, “secret”-revealing, truth-spilling insights into the latest obsession that has the silver screen portraying physiques that most of us will simply never achieve. This is a provocative look behind the veil, so prepare to be challenged… Read on more…

Training While Travelling: Keeping Fit On My Honeymoon

Over the Christmas period I was fortunate enough to spend a week unwinding in the Caribbean on my Honeymoon; my family has roots in this part of the world (Cuba and Jamaica in particular), but I got to relax in the lush and beautiful paradise of the Dominican Republic. This year has been insane what… Continue reading Training While Travelling: Keeping Fit On My Honeymoon

Do You Have the Power? Stepping Up to Athlete Status

Power! Some might say it’s only attainable if you class as “elite”. Fact is, there’s no reason you can’t perform like the elite. There are levels to progress through before you can attain such a high level of performance, but if you’re up to the challenge, then step up and reach beyond what you think is possible. Let’s take a look at what you have to do to start implementing power into your routine…

The Misconception of Calories

Today touches upon the taboo of calories! The food industry masks them with “zeros”, and the vast majority of us are so über-concerned about them that restricting them becomes an obsession… Well, I’m here to clear up some of the confusion. In the Sales Industry they have a thing called “KYE” (‘Know Your Enemy’); as the age old adage goes – ‘Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer’. If calories are the enemy, then let’s get to know them inside and out, then that way we might be able to use them to our advantage! But seriously – war-strategy-puns aside – I want to help you better understand calories in a way that we start to appreciate them rather than fear them. Read on for more…

How Many Sets and Reps? Understanding the Effects of Rep Range and Set Volume

We take a big dip into the lifting domains of “sets & reps” as we analyse the different ways that we can teach the muscle to adapt and grow, and evaluate the benefits of each. This post is especially helpful if you’ve just started incorporating weights into your fitness routine, and/or if you’ve had a program whipped up by a Personal Trainer and want to better understand his/her recommendations (if they haven’t already explained them to you). But even if you are a more experience lifter, this may still help to open your mind to changing up how you train, and reap the benefits of having muscles that not only look good or perform longer or simply lift a ton, but kick a$$ at all three!

The Stagnating Effects of Inactivity

This post is [mostly] for the (proverbial) “newbies” – no matter if you’re Generation X, Y, a Boomer or even a Millenial. If you’ve never dipped a toe into the ocean of Health & Fitness, then this post should hopefully shed a little ray of light on the importance of pursuing an active lifestyle. If you’re younger (16-30 [ish]), then read this as a “preventative measure”; but if you’re any older (and/or suffer from any conditions such as Arthritis or Diabetes), then read this as a “rough guide on seeking out the right help”. Having met and worked with a wide array of people with these conditions (across all generations, a couple of examples include: a 17-year-old with Arthritis, a 32-year-old with Osteoporosis, and a 54-year-old with Relapsing Polychondritis [treated similar to Rheumatoid Arthritis]), the one thing that has been clear is that there is next to zero awareness of the fact that there are Specialist Fitness Professionals (who should be sought out), and they have the expertise to design appropriate fitness programs for anyone with these types of conditions. My hope is that this post encourages people to get involved with physical activity, regardless of age or condition.

My Blog Post for TEDx Folkestone

As someone who used to suffer from Type II Diabetes, I managed to figure out some simple ways to better understand the condition, and over the period of a couple of years, even reverse it entirely. Several years later, and I have since gone on to become a Specialist on the subject as well as a top calibre Master Personal Trainer. In this post I share three of my key insights in the hope that it may help others and maybe make a difference in someone’s life. This blog post was written for TEDx Folkestone, and as my debut post, I’m excited to share it with the world.