Why You’ll Probably Never Have the Physique of Wolverine or Wonder Woman

I’ve been waiting for quite a while to write this one! Today, we’re getting real when it comes to Hollywood “bods” and how they’re really acquired. It’s time for some myth-busting, “secret”-revealing, truth-spilling insights into the latest obsession that has the silver screen portraying physiques that most of us will simply never achieve. This is a provocative look behind the veil, so prepare to be challenged… Read on more…

Training While Travelling: Keeping Fit On My Honeymoon

Over the Christmas period I was fortunate enough to spend a week unwinding in the Caribbean on my Honeymoon; my family has roots in this part of the world (Cuba and Jamaica in particular), but I got to relax in the lush and beautiful paradise of the Dominican Republic. This year has been insane what…… Continue reading Training While Travelling: Keeping Fit On My Honeymoon

The Stagnating Effects of Inactivity

This post is [mostly] for the (proverbial) “newbies” – no matter if you’re Generation X, Y, a Boomer or even a Millenial. If you’ve never dipped a toe into the ocean of Health & Fitness, then this post should hopefully shed a little ray of light on the importance of pursuing an active lifestyle. If you’re younger (16-30 [ish]), then read this as a “preventative measure”; but if you’re any older (and/or suffer from any conditions such as Arthritis or Diabetes), then read this as a “rough guide on seeking out the right help”. Having met and worked with a wide array of people with these conditions (across all generations, a couple of examples include: a 17-year-old with Arthritis, a 32-year-old with Osteoporosis, and a 54-year-old with Relapsing Polychondritis [treated similar to Rheumatoid Arthritis]), the one thing that has been clear is that there is next to zero awareness of the fact that there are Specialist Fitness Professionals (who should be sought out), and they have the expertise to design appropriate fitness programs for anyone with these types of conditions. My hope is that this post encourages people to get involved with physical activity, regardless of age or condition.