HIIT Cardio – Top Three Types and How To Implement Them

This post will go over three types of HIIT Cardio that – in my opinion – are the best you can try. If you’re interested in learning more about High Intensity Interval Training (beyond the basic stuff you’ll find being spoon-fed left, right and centre at gyms as well as online), then this is well worth the read. In a way, you could look at these three methods as being something akin to a “Beginners/Intermediate/Advanced” guide, but no matter what your experience is (either as a trainer or general lover of fitness), you’ll still benefit from mixing things up and trying out something new. Don’t expect an in-depth analysis of each – I’ll do individual posts on them another time and evaluate them further; but in this article, I just want to open your eyes to different “styles” of HIIT Cardio, and give you some novel ideas as to how to use them in your next workout.