Playing Devil’s Advocate with Protein

In my first ever CXP Nutrition article I poked the proverbial hornets nest when it came to discussing Carbs. Today, I’m doing the same with Protein. Everything you’re about to read is impartial, science-backed and simple truth! Learn more about why you should [probably] increase your Protein intake in a bid to better your Nutrition!

3 Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

Today we’re talking about eating habits/schedules. Consider the age-old adage of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, and when we’re ‘supposed’ to eat. Well, now you’ll want to open your mind to the idea of adjusting all of that and amending your “feeding times” in a bid for a healthier body! Read on for more…

Eating While Travelling: Making Smart Food Choices Abroad

As you’ll [hopefully] have read in my last post – Training While Travelling: Keeping Fit On My Honeymoon – I had the privilege of being able to spend part of my Christmas holidays soaking up rays and getting my sweat on in the Caribbean. While I was determined to get in a workout at least every other…… Continue reading Eating While Travelling: Making Smart Food Choices Abroad