How Many Sets and Reps? Understanding the Effects of Rep Range and Set Volume

We take a big dip into the lifting domains of “sets & reps” as we analyse the different ways that we can teach the muscle to adapt and grow, and evaluate the benefits of each. This post is especially helpful if you’ve just started incorporating weights into your fitness routine, and/or if you’ve had a program whipped up by a Personal Trainer and want to better understand his/her recommendations (if they haven’t already explained them to you). But even if you are a more experience lifter, this may still help to open your mind to changing up how you train, and reap the benefits of having muscles that not only look good or perform longer or simply lift a ton, but kick a$$ at all three!

HIIT Cardio – Top Three Types and How To Implement Them

This post will go over three types of HIIT Cardio that – in my opinion – are the best you can try. If you’re interested in learning more about High Intensity Interval Training (beyond the basic stuff you’ll find being spoon-fed left, right and centre at gyms as well as online), then this is well worth the read. In a way, you could look at these three methods as being something akin to a “Beginners/Intermediate/Advanced” guide, but no matter what your experience is (either as a trainer or general lover of fitness), you’ll still benefit from mixing things up and trying out something new. Don’t expect an in-depth analysis of each – I’ll do individual posts on them another time and evaluate them further; but in this article, I just want to open your eyes to different “styles” of HIIT Cardio, and give you some novel ideas as to how to use them in your next workout.