Hot vs Cold – Injury & Recovery

Okay CXP Nation, so we’re going to be questioning some “age old wisdom” today, and contemplating some of the most effective ways to recover from injury! Let’s talk ‘R.I.C.E’, Ice Baths, Saunas, and even Heat Packs. I gave you Hot vs Cold [Part I – the “Shower Edition”] last time, now get ready for “Part…… Continue reading Hot vs Cold – Injury & Recovery

Bio-hack Your Sleep – 5 Ways to Better ZZZs

Several years ago I found that I was seriously struggling to get a good night’s sleep… at all. Ever! It was massively frustrating! I’d always heard the usual advice about turning off tech an hour or so before you hit the hay, and reading a book for at least 30 minutes before you plan to…… Continue reading Bio-hack Your Sleep – 5 Ways to Better ZZZs

Finding Your Ikigai – Where Passion Meets Purpose

Today I’m sharing a little about my personal journey, as well as a story of stranger whose life I changed several years ago. Today, we discuss: ikigai. We’ll be getting a little bit philosophical, but in a way that I believe should help you awaken something inside that may have been laying dormant without you realizing it. Let’s talk ‘passion’. Let’s figure out our purpose. Will you take the blue pill, or the red pill?

Inemuri & Siesta – Method Behind the Madness

We’re using a little culture to open our minds to different ways of resting and regaining energy. In my first CXP Zen post, you’re going to learn that taking a nap is not only normal practice in some parts of the world, but that there are numerous advantages to strategically incorporating short bouts of sleep into your routine in a bid to give yourself a boost without guzzling gallons of Starbucks, and better yet, saving you money in the process. I mean, the occasional Caramel Macchiato or dark and robust Americano is all good and well if you just like the flavour; but sucking down several a day just doesn’t do your body any good. Delve deeper inside to find out why…